What We Do

Date Posted: October 6, 2015

Our services include, but are not limited to the following:

  • We connect low-income residents to state and federal benefits. SPIARC coordinates and fosters several relationships with regional programs that provide access to state and federal benefits as well as tax credits.
  • We connect our residents to CenterStone (formerly C.A.M.P.), Utility Discount Program and People Point and provide onsite registration for these programs.
  • SPIARC continues to partner with other agencies to provide English conversation, basic English and computer literacy classes to residents connecting them with local volunteers.
  • New programs are focusing on women and their families gaining new skills for jobs and connecting them to others in the community. Through a recently awarded grant, we have begun to establish a women’s group focused on leadership, community support and resource sharing.
  • SPIARC hosts People Point’s Washington Connection program where staff and volunteer specialists help low income individuals and families discover and sign up for social services for which they are eligible.
  • We assist low income individuals in finding employment, earning higher wages, furthering education, and obtaining better quality jobs. SPIARC facilitates open access to job forms and applications. Clients who visit the Center are able to research and apply for a variety of employment opportunities and receive help with applications, resumes, online forms, and translation/interpretation assistance.
  • SPIARC has also become an important resource for homeless or transitional families and individuals. We provide multiple links to community-based food banks and meals on wheels programs as well as referrals for shelters and clothing banks.
  • We also serve as a community hub weaving people together to form partnerships in an effort to help reduce duplication of services, projects and programs, and build community. We compile a monthly calendar of neighborhood events which we then distribute using the South Park ListServ, the West Seattle blog and various key locations within the community.
  • Through the help of community volunteers, we have been able to reach out to our Vietnamese-speaking community to provide them with resources.
  • We have been able to expand our advisory board membership from 7 to 10, to include key advisors from the greater Seattle area.